Community Direct
Mail Program

Direct Mail Marketing... Simplified.

Connect with your neighborhood customers in a way like never before

Direct mail meets innovation in huddle’s unparalleled direct mail marketing approach.
No direct mail campaign matches the impact of a FREE double-sided dry-erase planner delivered to every household in your community, offering daily visibility and a minimum 8-month usage – an unparalleled promotional tool!
An unbeatable strategy for sustained visibility and community connection.

Direct Mail and Digital Synergy - A Potent Combination

                       At huddle, we’re dedicated to fostering a strong connection between the community and local businesses,                                      championing the “shop local” movement.

With our direct mail planner mailing, your business gains consistent, ongoing visibility in 1000’s of local households and businesses.

There are many features of our program that clearly set us apart, but what’s our “secret sauce”? It’s our unique custom QR code integration! When customers scan your planner ad’s QR code, they’re seamlessly directed to your huddle directory listing. This synergy blends the physical and digital realms, providing a unique platform for small businesses to thrive.

Local Visibility That Shines Through the Direct Mail Clutter

Maximize your business’s visibility on our premium 11″ x 12″ double-sided dry-erase planner. More than just a schedule, it’s a versatile hub featuring a calendar, emergency numbers, whiteboard, and To-Do list – a cherished daily essential resource for households and businesses alike for staying organized.

Participating in our Accelerator plan ensures enduring visibility and exposure, boosting your community awareness and connections. Every 4 months, Canada Post delivers thousands of FREE planner bundles to homes, condos, apartments, and businesses, covering a new community territory section each time.

Each direct mail bundle includes a planner, welcome card, and an intro to the huddle small business directory, fostering support for your business’s “Shop Local” movement.

Gain an Exclusive Competitive Advantage

Secure one of only 32 exclusive ad spots on each community planner.

Your 1.5″ x 2″ ad includes your company logo, a brief description or tagline, contact number, and a custom QR code linking customers to your huddle directory profile.

With only one spot per business category, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled competitive edge.

Note: Given the business type exclusivity and limited ad spots, enrolling in our Accelerator plan requires an approval process to ensure availability. (see how to apply below)

Direct Mail Distribution Schedule & Quantities

Our huddle dry-erase planners are mailed every 4 months, 3X per year: February, June and October

There are 3 community direct mail distribution sizes: 5,000, 10,000 & 20,000. The size for your business will be subject to the classification size of your area. Most are 5,000 with large urban markets being 20,000 i.e., Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa

See our Plans, Pricing & Discounts page for further details

To view the mailing schedule and associated deadlines for our Accelerator plan direct mail program, click here! [coming June 28]

Targeted, Credible, and Dependable Direct Mail Distribution

We have partnered exclusively with Canada Post to distribute our dry-erase planner to targeted markets and communities across Canada.

Leverage our Distinct Advantage

Through our Canada Post partnership, we offer broader coverage compared to conventional flyer services. Targeting residential homes, condos, apartments, farms, and businesses ensures prime visibility and enhanced customer engagement within the entire community!

There are only 32 exclusive business ad spaces available on each community planner. Secure your participation by applying now!

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