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At huddle, we’re all about unity, strength, and the impact of supporting local businesses. Become a Community Partner and be a driving force in transforming how we uplift local businesses and communities.

Joining huddle as a Community Partner offers unique and valuable benefits designed to enhance your brand visibility and demonstrate your commitment to supporting local businesses and communities.

Welcome to the Heart of huddle... Community Partners!

Why Partner with huddle?

Empower Local Businesses:

Your support goes beyond a logo; it plays a vital role in empowering small businesses, helping them not just survive but thrive in a competitive market.

Be a Vocal Advocate:

As a huddle Community Partner, be a leading voice in the “shop local” movement. Showcase your commitment to sustainable community development and unwavering support for local entrepreneurs.

No Cost, Maximum Impact:

Partnering with huddle is a win-win. No financial obligations; just be a champion for businesses that make our communities unique.

Our Ask from Our Community Partners

huddle Platform Exposure:

Support our online directory by posting a link on your website and sharing posts on social media.

Spread the Word:

Be a vocal advocate, introducing huddle to members, associates, and small business clients through your mediums.

huddle Dry-Erase Planners:

Optionally, be a pick-up destination for promotional brochures and a limited supply of our community dry-erase planners.

Digital Showcase

Visibility on our small business directory, reaching a passionate audience.

Community Connection

Leverage our events to connect with local entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Print Collateral Prestige

Feature prominently in select huddle print materials, proudly standing with other champions of the small business movement.

huddle Direct Mail Planner

High-profile positions for Community Partners logos in every community direct mail planner, reaching homes, apartments, condos, farms, and businesses.

Our Give: Recognition that Resonates

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Prime Placement: Your logo will be prominently displayed on our highly circulated, valued community planner(s), ensuring maximum visibility.

Exclusive Placement: Only 4 Community Partners are featured on each planner, making this valuable real estate for your brand.

No Cost! Yes, you read that right. There is no cost to join as a Community Partner! We only ask for reciprocal support of our huddle Small Business Directory.

Promote Your Community Support: Showcase your support for local businesses, charities, non-profits, and the community. Your partnership speaks volumes about your commitment to the local economy.

Flexibility: Opportunity to be featured on one or several community planners, depending on your organization’s reach and goals.

Wide Exposure: Be exposed to between 15,000 – 60,000 households and businesses per year per community planner, significantly boosting your brand’s reach and recognition.

Spread the Word, Ignite Change

As a vetted, valued Community Partner, help us spread the word. Encourage members, associates, and alliances to join huddle with our FREE business listing plan.

Let’s create a ripple effect of support for local businesses.

huddle Up for Local Business Success

Contact us now to explore the possibilities of partnership and help us make a true impact on the small business ecosystem!

Reach out today and be a key player in amplifying the voices of local entrepreneurs. Join
us in building a resilient, thriving community by encouraging small businesses to sign up
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